Friday, April 16, 2010

First Blog

I chose the title of this blog to be "Reconnecting" for multiple reasons:  considering the nature of my profession and its goal to reconnect to the body's ability to heal also considering how disconnected we are as a nation in terms of the very real, long-term consequences of our daily activities and behaviors.

Like the picture below reminds us, nature is amazingly beautiful.
We, as human beings, are part of nature.
We are Natural Beings.
This is why natural forms of health care, like Chiropractic, make complete sense. They remind us that we have the ability to heal within us and if we are not healing, it is because there is something interfering with that natural process.

Chiropractic is really about reconnecting the body's innate (or inborn) healing capacity to the body itself. Sometimes life results in us not feeling quite whole. The problem could be something we are doing to ourselves, or something that has happened to us. Sometimes we need some sort of intervention, other times the body will take care of itself.

How are we to know the difference? I believe this is the purpose of the Health Care Professions.

As a Health Care professional, a chiropractor helps evaluate an individual's state of physiology or state of function to determine how the body can be more healthy.

A chiropractor is like an MD, except backwards. When MDs look at an individual, they look for disease and then try to find ways to take it away. When chiropractors look at the same individual, they see the body as functioning correctly given the circumstances and then look to find ways to increase healing from the inside. You see, these two approaches to the health of an individual are utterly and completely different and they stem from entirely different philosophies on health and healing.  Having access to a chiropractor doesn't mean you will never need an MD and seeing an MD does not mean that you don't need a chiropractor.  Both are great assets to have on your health care team and you should be checked by both regularly - one to look for sickness, the other to turn up your level of health.

I can feel that this topic will come up repeatedly seeing how little the American people understand about what Chiropractors do, but it is my goal to help people understand what we do and why this completely fits in with people's desires to be healthy, NATURALLY.

Look mom, my first blog post!

In Health, Love, and Freedom,

(soon to be) Dr. Steve
Wellness Expert and Chiropractor