Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Statins and Seat Belts


In a recent article in the American Journal of Cardiology, a very silly recommendation was offered to combat the heart disease epidemic in the US - supply a drug as a condiment for your fast food meal!!!

There is no confusion in the medical world - Every Health Care professional understands that drugs are NOT the answer to the pandemics of suffering and disease in America.

Every Health Care professional understands the need for lifestyle change as the solution.  But there's a problem.  People simply aren't following their doctor's advice to "eat better and exercise" - and why should they?  This is today's topic - the problems with recommending a drug at the same time as offering advice.

There can be no solution from a system that gives advice to "eat more healthily" and also offers a pill to "counteract the harmful affects of eating unhealthily".

Here is an actual graphic from the journal article in the American Journal of Cardiology, simply amazing:

There can be no solution within this system. 

In the article they explore the possibility of handing out statin drugs as condiments with your unhealthy fast food meal.  If a drug is offered to "reverse the effects", there will be no lifestyle advice taken seriously.  Period.  This is the very reason the medical system is a dismal failure at healthy lifestyles and preventing chronic diseases--the public simply does not take health care professionals seriously when they offer drugs at the same time they offer recommendations to change!  The signals are mixed. There's interference and it's not getting through!

Contributing to the problems with Medicine's management of chronic conditions is that the doctors are required to spend very little time with patients (and it's only going to get worse with Obamacare - cutting reimbursement to doctors will NOT result in more time and better advice to patients!).  All this being considered, we MUST understand that medicine has NO CHANCE at solving the MAJOR problems in America today where our health is concerned.

We need another approach!

Chiropractors are uniquely positioned to be the solution to the pandemics of chronic disease and suffering.  Our reliance on the body's ability to heal itself is paramount to the patient taking an active part in their own care!  This is the ONLY way we will overcome the amazing amount of pain, suffering and premature death in America today.  And compared with medicine, chiropractors are far superior at being able to offer lifestyle advice that the patient will actually follow (stretches, posture, exercise, specific supplements, specific dietary advice, etc.) with a lack of conflicting recommendations (drugs and lifestyle).

There are no mixed signals.  You do not go into a chiropractor's office thinking that a drug might be recommended during the course of the conversation.  We are Drug-Free!

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