Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Teeth falling out?

Do you think teeth falling out is fun?  I don't.  And obviously my wife doesn't either, that's why she brushes our daughters' teeth every day.

Did you know there are places in the world that just DON'T emphasize tooth brushing and flossing?  That's right, and the industrial societies that don't do well with tooth maintenance have above average tooth problems, go figure...

What if America were one of those societies where only 8% of the population thought maintaining the teeth were important?  Would the 92% who don't maintain their teeth think that those 8% were crazy for regularly going to see the dentist, even if the teeth didn't hurt?

We all know that it's possible to have a silent problem in our teeth developing if they're not maintained and checked up on.
This is why in America, MOST of the population sees a dentist regularly even without tooth pain - for prevention and maintenance.  This is not seen as a crazy idea.

Amazing as it sounds, in modern day America, there are only 8% of the population that think that maintaining the spine is important.  Unlike teeth which can be replaced when they rot, the bones of the spine cannot be replaced when they become sick.  This is why maintenance of the spine is more important than maintaing teeth and only 8% of our population is onto this simple truth.  Crazy?  Only for those 92% who aren't caring for their spines.