Saturday, January 31, 2015

What is the opposite of faith?

The opposite of faith is the same as the opposite of love, it's fear and doubt.

Faith is love in action.

Faith, nothing doubting is how I got through school. It's how I found a job with the exact techniques and values that I wanted, it's how I surrounded myself with the people and the circumstances that could help me grow like I knew I needed to. It's how we went on vacation with no money and no job, and came home to the promise of a new life. It's seeing the end from the beginning. And it's amazing.

When Natalie and I came together with only 3 months of school left and saw the mountain that we would have to climb, it was indeed scary. But, we put our heads together and really focused our intent on the circumstances that we wanted to create. We saw the end so clearly. We could see graduation. We prayed fervently, we doubled our efforts, we increased our faithfulness. We had no idea HOW it would happen, the only thing we knew was that it would. And we succeeded, right on time--something that looked virtually impossible ony a few short months before. They say seeing is believing. I say--having vision creates the ability to see AFTER believing. That's love in action. When you have the vision and proper motivation, you find the resources and skills to make it happen. You find the power you need to draw upon to accomplish the desire of your soul.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The new place

Today is my first day off since beginning work as a chiropractor. It's exciting to finally be doing what I've been studying to do for the last 12 years (an extended time due to several trips to various parts of the world).

It is with great excitement that I say to all the inhabitants of Reno, Nevada - get ready because we're here! Moving took a lot of time and energy earlier this year, but we're settled and ready to go.

I'm excited to be able to share the expanding truth about human health and potential with members of the community, we've already been to the largest OB/GYN practice in Nevada to tell them about the great benefits pregnant women and newborns can receive from chiropractic and living a wellness lifestyle.
Stress is a known killer. Any time you talk about heart disease (the nation's #1 killer) stress should be part of the conversation. But I say that most conversations about stress are incomplete and possibly misguided.

When we discuss "stress" in America, for the most part we're discussing only one subcategory of stress - we usually are talking about EMOTIONAL stress which is a very large, but at the same time small piece of the overall puzzle.

Chasing Darkness

I was thinking about this the other day -- Let's say you're in your house at night in a lighted bedroom with you door closed. Now let's also say the hallway is dark - there's no light. You're really thirsty so you get up to get a glass of water from the kitchen. As you open the door, let me ask you this question - does the darkness rush into the lighted room? Or does the light rush out? How many times out of a million?

You're right - Every time without exception!

Now let me ask you this question - if you wanted all the darkness out of your entire house - could you go around to all the corners and haul it away? Or does it make more sense to turn on the light?

Right again, in fact turning on the light is the ONLY way to have no darkness - by definition darkness is a LACK of light. It cannot exist on it's own, we only talk about darkness when there is no light.

Light is the entity that can be measured, darkness is not an entity. It has no properties. You cannot measure the amount of darkness present - it does not exist, it's simply the ABSENCE of light.