Sunday, October 11, 2015

Dealing with your doctor

The escalating costs of drugs in this country is alarming and there are proven ways of accomplishing a better result without drugs.  Everyone who has watched the news knows there are side-effects to drugs, some of them very serious (death).  So,  if being prescribed a drug during a consultation with your doctor, make sure you guard your health.

Many doctors today are misguided to think that people are lazy and wont make changes they suggest.  They actually use this for an excuse to not tell people things that could improve their life that are really easy and comfortable to do.  So, understanding this, it is important to make sure you get the best care possible.  In an interaction with your doctor, here are some easy things to add to the conversation to make sure you get the best care possible:

If prescribed a drug, you could use all or a portion of the following dialogue:

1. "I'm not sure I need this prescription, do you really think I need it?"

The key here is to wait for an answer.  If the doctor really thinks you need it, (s)he will say so.  If (s)he thinks there is a better way that (s)he did not offer you thinking you might be too lazy to do it, you just got better care!

2. What are the side-effects of this drug?

3. How long are you prescribing it?

4. Is there some way I can reduce/remove the problem without the drug?

5. What caused this problem? 

6. How can I (or my family) avoid future problems like this?  (ask for very specific things, general advice like "eat better" or "exercise more" does NOT help).

Reconnecting you to a beneficial relationship with your doctor naturally.

In Health, Love, and Freedom through responsibility - Steve Perry

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